Josephine Fine

"I didnít realise how much you could do in Excel. Now I use it for everything!"

What we offer

Applied maths skills to help you make the grade! Introductory courses that teach financial modelling skills to anyone from would-be artists to aspiring business people.

Jason Chow

"IndexMatch gave me confidence to tackle any analytical problem. I entered interviews assured that I had the necessary skills to generate value. I secured the job and am now employed by a management consultancy firm in London."

What we offer

Make your CV more attractive to potential employers! The complete range of modelling courses to develop your skill set and put you ahead of the competition.

Pawan Sharma

"I got my dream job, Iím working in their Capital Markets team as an Analyst!!! Chuffed!!"

What we offer

Land your dream job! Be it Private Equity, Real Estate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, or Investment Banking, our advanced training and practice modelling tests will help you to make the next step in your career.

Emma Stewart

"I was wasting valuable time struggling with accounts, and failing to make the most of the feedback we had collected. IndexMatch changed all that. I now combine business data with business instinct to take my business to the next level."

What we offer

Finance for non-financial people. Maximise your potential by letting us help you streamline your finances. Then you can get on with the more interesting job of making your business thrive.

Peter Collins

"Using the simple techniques we learnt from IndexMatch, we now deliver insightful analytics far more quickly than we used to. When we show people, they often donít believe itís in Excel! And because it is Excel, we can adapt our tools without using expensive consultants."

What we offer

We know you have talented staff; now give them the training that will transform your business.

Max Schaffer

"I wasn't getting the analysis that I needed. It was a difficult decision to procure training, rather than bring on additional staff, but in the event it was much cheaper. The team now deliver analysis that I hadnít even imagined. Their insights are transforming the business. Itís great!"

What we offer

Improve your growth, scalability and profitability by enhancing the productivity and analytical capacity of your workforce.