Take Control

IndexMatch provides financial modelling and decision analysis training to help you grow your business and get your dream job.

You've got the tools - now use them like a pro.

What's in it for me?

"The basic course alone took me from failing modelling tests at interviews to landing an awesome job. Thanks!"

Jake Matthews

"The IndexMatch training has helped me set up failsafe spreadsheets and error checking. vlookups are a thing of the past!"

James Rae, TelerealTrillium

"The advanced courses were excellent value for money. I really enjoyed the learning process, the way it was taught and how it was structured. I gained new, important skills."

John Featherby

"The course was very relevant; it used examples that I use every day and expanded on them. Thanks again for making Excel modelling fun, exciting, relevant and very useful!"

Max Pollock, Investec

"I chose IndexMatch because the training was online and so it fit my schedule. The tree structure gave me the flexibility to decide on what I wanted to focus on."

Irina Nedashkovskaya

"Really loved IndexMatch. It opened up whole new possibilities for me and boosted my confidence as well!!"

Shaila Damji, Shell